Individual Responsibilities

“There are really only two dimensions to the concept of attitude — you either behave as though you are a victim of circumstance, or you take full responsibility for your situation.”
– Richard Rudd


Adults should be responsible for themselves and, if they have them, they need to responsibly care for their children. In addition, they need to teach their children individual responsibility, so they in turn will grow up to be responsible adults. (Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22.6) When I say parents need to responsibly care for and teach their children one thing that comes to mind is discipline. Old-fashioned discipline included spankings. They seemed to work. However, we then had those parents who went overboard and used physical discipline to the point of abuse. That is no more responsible than allowing a child total freedom. Moderation and common sense. It seems when we don’t use either (common sense being rather rare these days), it only leads to more government intervention.

I cite this old example: We have the right to free speech, but do we have the right to scream “fire!” in a crowded theater? Responsibility. We are not only responsible for ourselves, but need to consider our responsibility to others. Yes, we have the right to own guns, but do we have the right to use them in a malevolent way? We have the right to drive a motor vehicle, but do we have the right to speed or drive recklessly putting others at risk of injury. These questions have been asked many times throughout the years. It’s a simple argument, but one that can somehow cause controversy. A fine line when discussing rights and responsibilities.

I feel that since so many people do not act responsibly and abuse many of our God-given and Constitutional rights, the government feels the need to become involved. Is this what has caused us to be living in this “nanny state”? Or, is it simply the government’s desire for more power?

Gabrielle Drew is sixteen years old and she lives in Tennessee. Gabrielle says, “I  became involved in politics because whatever Congress, Senate and of course the President decides, to do, ultimately affects my future, rather it be in a good or bad way. So I like to stay informed on current affairs in DC.”


2 comments on “Individual Responsibilities

  1. Bonny Batma says:

    In Pa. and if leaders are needed I’ll join in to help get these young people moving in the right direction, Have two granddaughter’s I’ve introduced to site, hopefully they will be interested and follow up. Thank You

  2. Hello!
    Sorry for the late reply to your comment. My name is Gabrielle Drew and I wrote this piece. We would love to have your two granddaughters be a part of this if they would like! Thanks for the comment.

    – Gabrielle Drew

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