Sarah Who?

Like many teenagers, I was not interested in politics, policy, or diplomacy. At thirteen, I was worried about who was going to get kicked off of American Idol! My civics teacher ran to turn on the television in our classroom, “Class, does anyone know who Senator John McCain picked to be his running mate?” I remember thinking, “Don’t know, don’t care, this does not affect my life!” Boy was I wrong. The moment my teachers turned on that television, my life had changed! That was the day I asked, “Sarah, who?

 I went home later that day to research “Sarah Palin”. I learned of a woman  that had worked her entire life for Alaska and America. She had served on the Wasilla City Counsel, she had been Mayor of Wasilla, Chairperson of the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission, and had been the youngest and first female Governor of Alaska! Compared to Barack Obama’s days in the Illinois State Senate and his two years in the United States Senate, Sarah Palin had done more and had worked harder for the people.

 My parent’s raised me with good conservative values, but Barack Obama was so much “cooler” than John McCain! I even ran around school chanting Barack Obama’s name! After doing research on Sarah Palin, I questioned my support for Barack Obama. I did more research on the parties and on the candidates. It was then that I said, “Mom, I’m a Republican!”

 Today, I still believe in the values that Sarah Palin stands for and believes in. Today, I still believe in her. I have had the privilege of meeting Mrs. Palin several times and have even exchanged letters with her. She remains a force not only  in politics, but in me! Whatever Sarah Palin decides to do, I will always stand by her!

Connor first became active in the political process during the 2008 Presidential Election. He volunteered for Senator John McCain and Former Governor Sarah Palin. In 2009, Connor attended Youth in Government where he wrote and passed the the Homeless Veterans and Rehabilitation Act. He was selected to be the Head Page at next years State Assembly in Tallahassee, Florida. Connor has served on many successful campaigns, including the Pam Bondi for Attorney General and the Rick Scott for Governor Campaigns! Connor has been interviewed on many conservative radio shows and  has been featured in many online articles.


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