Why Should I Vote?

Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote. —George Jean Nathan
Politicians; what do people think of when they see that word? Lawmakers in Washington D.C perhaps. The ones that make the big decisions that ultimately affect this country.  These decisions can be bad or good.
But you have the power to decide if these decisions they make are positive or negative. How? By voting! Many people sit around and complain about this new tax that is going to come into effect or what the President said in a recent speech. I can not sympathize for them when they continue to grumble on and on, when they did not vote for a new Senator, Congressman or President! The only way to change what is going on in D.C is to pay attention to the news and get out and get involved, whether it be on a local level or a federal level!
One of the worst excuses is: “My vote doesn’t count.” Well, you are wrong! Your vote DOES count and your one vote can mean a certain candidate will win the election, or the ballot you didn’t cast can mean your choice candidate will lose! Voting is also an obligation to a US citizen. We are lucky to live in such a great country, where we have the freedom to vote for who runs this country. Not too many countries can say that, so take advantage of this right of yours and get out and vote!
Gabrielle Drew is sixteen years old and she lives in Tennessee. Gabrielle says, “I  became involved in politics because whatever Congress, Senate and of course the President decides, to do, ultimately affects my future, rather it be in a good or bad way. So I like to stay informed on current affairs in DC.”

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