Baxter: Remembering the Seals, Even though Our President isn’t

While completing a rescue mission in Kabul, Afghanistan, 25 Navy Seals were killed, most of whom were a part of the elite Team Six, the group that killed Osama bin Laden. We mourn for the families of these brave people, who died fighting for their country.

But while We the People, and even the media, have acknowledged what happened, one person has not.President Obama, I ask you, “Why have you not made a statement? It has been twenty-four hours. It is seriously time for a statement. These are the people who went after Osama bin Laden and took him out. Isn’t it time for one? Mr. President, where is your leadership?”

It’s sad watching our president talk about our economy, but doing nothing about jobs, and he is talking about our recent downgrade, instead of the Seals who died in the helicopter crash.

This hope and change? It is not happening.

I hope the Navy Seals rest in peace, since Obama isn’t acknowledging the brave Team Six. But even if he doesn’t, we must.

Emily Baxter is an entering college freshman, who enjoys her time reading classic books, writing the next journalist piece or writing her novel. She hopes to major in journalism. Emily is involved in several other Palin groups, such as Students 4 Palin and Pennsylvanians 4 Palin. Most people know her as “Emily” or “Jane Awesome” on Conservatives 4 For more details, see “Emily B’s Page :)” on Team Sarah.


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