Jarratt: Part 1: Through Differing Eyes: From the Left

*These are NOT the views of Team Cubs* This is the first article in the “Through Differing Eyes” series. We are going to be looking at Sarah Palin through the eyes of a teenager “From the Left”. I’d like to thank Alina Lundholm for participating in this interview.

Do you think Sarah Palin would make a good president? With this question comes another one: what makes up a good president? In my opinion, I believe that a good president cares for their country as opposed to furthering their own personal gains. Sarah Palin falls into the latter category. She was certainly not fit to have been the Governor of Alaska, and she most definitely never be fit to be President of the United States. I consider myself a liberal Democrat, and as such, I view many conservative policies to be on the opposite line of my own opinions. For instance, Sarah Palin is extremely pro-life to the point of refusing abortion to those in the situation of rape and incest; I myself am pro-choice. Sarah Palin also doesn’t seem to care about protecting our natural resources and animals. She sued the Bush administration awhile back for listing polar bears on the endangered list because she feared it would interfere with the oil drilling in Alaska. I cannot condone any of this and these are only a few of the reasons why Sarah Palin would make a truly awful president. I can’t even begin to fathom the destruction this country would face if that were ever to happen.
What do you think about all the personal attacks to Sarah Palin? Her family? To be totally honest, these personal attacks seem to be making celebrities out of the Palin family. Her daughter, Bristol, even got to be on Dancing With the Stars, which made me laugh because she really didn’t deserve that. Truly, what is so interesting about them all? I think that if we all ignored them, they’d lose their media power and fade away. They don’t deserve the attention, even if it is negative.

Do you think Sarah Palin has enough experience to become president? Not at all. Before she became the Governor of Alaska, she was a mayor of a small town and that certainly didn’t bestow her enough experience to become Governor. Alaska is quite separated from the actual United States and as such, I don’t believe she garnered enough experience to go take on the White House. She was a terrible Governor for Alaska, namely for her anti-environment policies. Now that she’s no longer Governor of Alaska, she’s only been enjoying the spotlight that the media and public have given her. Not very good learning experiences to me.

Do you think the policies Sarah Palin used as Governor of Alaska would be effective in helping the Country? This is rather similar to the question above so I won’t answer in so much words. Sarah Palin’s policies of supporting oil drilling and the further destruction of our environment would definitely not help the whole country in any situation. Also, she believes that creationism should be taught in public schools. One of the many foundations of this country is religious freedom and by teaching creationism through public schools, this idea will be desecrated. I value my freedom of religious choice very seriously and I even find the use of the word God in the Pledge of Allegiance rather offensive. Sarah Palin’s policies used as Governor of Alaska would be very dangerous to our country.

What do you like/dislike about Sarah Palin? She is a religious Tea Party conservative and I disagree with many of her policies. I also think she enjoys the spotlight a bit too much. I dislike her for many reasons, but these are the simple ones. It doesn’t matter what’s the gender of the person, I only value their political beliefs and policies. Certainly any woman should be allowed to run for president, but they should be judged as equally as a man running for office. A woman who runs for president shouldn’t be voted in merely because of her gender. She should deserve the name of the President of the United States of America.

What are your primary sources of getting your information about Sarah Palin? When I first learned about Sarah Palin, it was about her nomination as running mate to John McCain for Vice President. I will admit that watching the SNL comedy sketches of Sarah Palin (through Tina Fey) were the first bits of information that I learned about the woman. Afterwards though, I listened to such radio shows as the Stephanie Miller Show and the Thom Hartmann Program among a few others, and I learned quite a bit more things about Sarah Palin. I have also learned much about her through the Internet, like Wikipedia and various forums discussing her. The media, such as NBC, have also given me a few more facts to color my opinion of this lady.

Do you have anything else you would like to say about Sarah Palin? Only that I highly regard the woman as incompetent and very unfit to ever lead this country.


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