Jarratt: Part 2: Through Differing Eyes: From the Right

Haven’t Read Part 1? Check it out. This is the second article in the “Through Differing Eyes” series. We are going to be looking at Sarah Palin through the eyes of a teenager “From the Right”. I’d like to thank Connor Drewes for participating in this interview.

Do you think Sarah Palin would make a good president? Yes. I believe she would because of her patriotism and honest agenda to help the nation.

What do you think about all the personal attacks to Sarah Palin? Her family? Well, like most media, I think it is quite ridiculous and uncalled for. Her and her family have struggles just like any other family in the world. Of course now that they are more popular they will be held to a higher attention than before, but that’s just how it the media works, sadly.

Do you think Sarah Palin has enough experience to become president? I definitely believe her time as a governor and a mom has given her much experience, so yes.

Do you think the policies Sarah Palin used as Governor of Alaska would be effective in helping the Country? Yes, I think they would be since they further strengthen the country’s agenda and help people and the economy.

What do you like/dislike about Sarah Palin? I like that she is confident in who she is and what she stands for and the passion she has for her country. I don’t like that she was highly involved in the whole politics scene when she has a family to tend to, but I’m sure she makes it work.

Do you think a woman should be president? Why not? I believe anyone has the chance to change the world and help people whether that be in small ways like volunteering for the community or big ways like running for president.

What are your primary sources of getting your information about Sarah Palin? I like to get my information from different news providers (fox news, At&t news, Yahoo) as well as other peoples’ opinions through normal conversation.

Do you have anything else you would like to say about Sarah Palin? Sure. I’d like to add that even though she’s a former governor and ran for vice-president she’s still a mother and a wife; she’s still a normal person who loves her family and her country. That’s what I love about America. People have a chance to be more than a manager, supervisor, or even a mother. They can put themselves out there with their hopes and dreams and ideas, and try their best to help make the world a better place, for them and their friends and family and fellow citizens. That’s what being an American is and that is what I see in Sarah Palin.


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