Bowra: Why is there so much Apathy?

 It seems like so many teenagers are just apathetic toward all things concerning politics. They’d rather be listening to music, talking to their friends, things like that.

Most teens think of politics as a lot of fancy language they can’t understand being spoken about things they don’t care about.
When you think of it like that, of course it sounds boring!

Politics today are not what they were when this country was founded, and I think that is a big reason for the apathy shown by American teens concerning politics. When America was founded there was no such thing as a “career politician.” Regular men were involved in the running of this country for a certain period of time, then went back to their normal lives. They didn’t go back with their own regime of Secret Service agents following them around wherever they go, either. Thomas Jefferson left the White House with $30,000 of debt!
Politics is just a term used by politicians today that has been passed to the general public for use. What it should really be called is the running of the greatest nation on earth. Politics is where we get the structure for our democracy, for the ladder which people must climb if they wish to be the highest power in the nation. Politics gives you a chance to study all these things firsthand. You can watch them as they happen. Sure, some of the language used may be a little hard to understand at first, but with just a little effort, you can figure most of it out and look up whatever you didn’t. Most of the “big terms” used by politicians today are used only to make themselves sound smarter.
If teenagers would come to realize what everything the leadership of our nation does is for they would care so much more.
Because it’s for them!
Everything the leadership of a nation is for is preparing the nation for its next generation of voters and leaders. What is the future leadership of our nation going to be if all the potentials are so disinterested in things that are so important?


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