Bowra: Innocent American Lives

What would you do if you found out an innocent person had been murdered? Someone who was killed for no reason at all. Someone who was killed because of another person’s foolishness. Would it make you angry? Would you want to do something about it? Would you look for justice?

Every day in America, thousands of innocent people are murdered. Those people are unborn babies who will never be given a chance at life. It is taken away before it even begins simply because their mother doesn’t want them.
To give you a better way to understand how many babies are really murdered, look at it like this: One out of every six women that get pregnant will kill their baby. That amounts to millions of murders every year. 43% of all women have an abortion by the time they are forty five years old.
This may sound harsh. You’d say, why am I using words like “killed” and “murdered”? I think it is necessary to sound this way. People are being brainwashed every day into believing that this is okay. Until we stand up together to show them that it is not, these children will never get the chance to live their lives. The lives they deserve to have.
When you look back in history, you can see that in many times when massive murders took place, Americans would step in to help stop it. In many of those cases, too, we went to war over it. We did it during WWII. We also did it when 3,000 innocent American lives were taken on September 11th, 2001.
Take a look at those words italicized above. Innocent American lives. That is exactly what those millions of babies killed each year are. It is almost worse to murder them than living people. Those babies don’t have a voice. They can’t fight for themselves against the horrible things happening. Today in America, a mother can just decide she doesn’t want her baby and gets her wish. That isn’t right! That baby is as much a human as you are. Yet it would be considered a serious crime if someone murdered you. Why aren’t these children getting the same treatment?
Yet, instead of looking on abortion as filthy and inhumane, Americans are becoming more immune and more supportive of it each day. Our current president is seeking to make it legal in every state and for everyone. With the leader of our country supporting it, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.
That is, unless Americans stand up together against what is wrong. Abortion is dead wrong. Yet most Americans are shutting their eyes to it and acting as if it doesn’t happen– or, they know it happens but pretend there’s nothing wrong with it.
Even the women who have this procedure know it’s wrong. 78% of all women who have ever had an abortion say they regret it.
As well they should. They took an innocent life before it had the chance to fight for itself.
In Proverbs 31:8 the Bible says,

“Open thy mouth for the dumb.”

This means to speak up for those without a voice.
Those innocent lives being lost need a voice. When will we as Americans finally stand up and be their voice?


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