Jarratt: Part 3: Through Differing Eyes: Conclusion

Have you read Part 1 and Part 2? This is the last part in the “Through Differing Eyes” article series. I hope you have enjoyed reading different opinions on Sarah Palin. I understand that you may have a different view than one of the interviews, but I hope you can respect the differing opinions, without thinking bad about the person. Both sides need to realize that violence and personal attacks are not the answer. We can strongly disagree, but we need to be civil at the same time.

I personally believe that even if you disagree with someone, you can still be friends. I am friends with the “From the Left” interviewee, and I don’t agree with anything she said in her interview. I know that I, being a Conservative myself, previously thought that all Liberals were bad. I know now, that not everyone is as they seem. This year, I have meet a few Liberals that I have gotten to be good friends with. We don’t agree on much politically, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends and share our common interests.

Think about this, If you didn’t know what party someone was, would you be friends?  Just know that the other side is human too. We all have emotions and feelings. Sometimes they can be hurt, and we can react in anger. Remember that when you feel like insulting someone with a different point of view.


One comment on “Jarratt: Part 3: Through Differing Eyes: Conclusion

  1. We all have to learn to listen and talk to each other instead of yelling. It’s the only way to find common ground.

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