McAulay: Why I Reside on Team Palin

This past week an opportunity arose that allowed me to attend a Michele Bachmann event, and though it was a great experience, I was not deterred of my love for Governor Palin. As I sat and watched Representative Bachmann speak on her plans for America, I was directly in line with her conservative points, but there was something missing. It was the same thing that is missing in all of the Candidates. But that something is the one thing Governor Palin has … Leadership.

Governor Palin, from day one of her Political career, has shown leadership. She has a record of standing against corruption, despite what the opposition is saying. She has shown zeal and integrity through trials and her passion is undeniable. Governor Palin loves America, and that is something that will never change.

As I learn more regarding Governor Palin’s record I become inspired. As a small town Mayor she was a Maverick, and that character continued into her Governorship, and to present day. People love to make comments like, “She was only Governor for two years.” Or something like, “Quitter from Wasilla.” But what people don’t realize is the fact that her stepping down as Governor was true leadership. Governor Palin stepped down because she refused to allow her state to decline because of the roofless attacks people were throwing at her, and the hefty bills they had to fork out to fight the ridiculous lawsuits against her and her family. She loved her state so much that she was willing to sacrifice herself for the welfare of her fellow citizens. That is a leader I can believe in.

Governor Palin’s leadership has continued to be steadfast through all of the hardships and trials that have been thrown her way. It is obvious that she is more than just your average “Egotistical Politician”. She is a Wife, a Mom, willing to put herself aside for America. Governor Palin’s record proves to me that I can trust her; she is someone I can have faith in. Governor Palin is a Mama Grizzly with a backbone! Woman up Washington, Governor Palin is here to stay and she will fight until the end to Restore America! Palin 2012.


One comment on “McAulay: Why I Reside on Team Palin

  1. Rogue Rose says:

    This is wonderful Madeleine. You got right to the heart of it. Integrity and leadership. Well said.

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