Baxter: “We the People” want a True Record

“Lie, noun. (1)an intentionally false statement, (2)used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression” (from the New Oxford American Dictionary)

Lies.  Deception. Miscommunication. The words most often describes a politician. Those words should never be up there. It is unfortunate that politicians sometimes live up to those words, because being in higher office presiding over We the People can be tough and a long job.

The most important aspect of a politician is a record. A record is achievements they have done, and some not-so-good-things. Don’t sugar-coat it. Don’t lie about it. If a politician did a great thing for their state or for the United States, say so! If a politician made a mistake, they should admit it! What’s the point of lying to We the People when we already know that you might lie anyways, so spare us the trouble and admit it, straight up.

The GOP presidential race is well under way, but some of these politicians are sugar-coating, deceiving, and miscommunicating with the people about their record. Take a look at Rick Perry. While Perry wants to balance the US budget that just raised the debt ceiling again, his record doesn’t look so good. He made deep cuts to healthcare, education, and other state programs, and as for job creation? Well, he did create jobs, but not high paying ones, and perhaps not even his policies helped at all (Rick Perry on Texas budget, job creation, Dallas Morning News).

Candidates need to be more specific when it comes to their records. Don’t say something just because it sounded good. Admit what you have done, and be specific. We the People want no lies. No deception. No miscommunication. We want a politician that can say good things about what he or she has done, but admits when they did something wrong. In this world of lies, it would be good for once if a record was vetted, and the charisma was left alone.

No lies. No deception. No miscommunication. We the People want a record, thoroughly vetted.


One comment on “Baxter: “We the People” want a True Record

  1. Rogue Rose says:

    Another great blog. Well said “We the People want a record, thoroughly vetted”. The internet has finally made possible what the media tried to prevent for decades. Kudos young lady.

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