Drew: Unemployment

As of July 2011, the United States unemployment rate was a large 9.1%. Over a four week period from July 9th to July 30th, over 407,750 people filed for unemployment benefits. Granted, this isn’t the enormous 25% as it was in the Great Depression but 9.1% is a hefty amount and if jobs aren’t created it is only bound to get worse.

A big problem of ours is sending jobs out of the US to other countries in Europe or Asia, even locally to Mexico. If we kept major corporations here in America, we would be able to hire more people, thus lowering the unemployment rate. Most of the industries that leave the US are car manufacturing and big corporations. A numerous amount of people’s jobs are getting transferred and some employees may or may not be willing to move across the globe for their job.

With the lack of jobs, older people are holding onto positions that would be normally held by teenagers. Such as cashier jobs or fast food jobs. In July 2011, 18.6 million 16-24 year olds were currently without work. A big percentage of 40% recent college graduates are without work. This can be very discouraging if you just got out of a 4 year college with a degree in Law and are without a job. It can feel like you went to college for nothing.

That is why we must select a Presidential Candidate who can turn this economy around, for the good!


3 comments on “Drew: Unemployment

  1. Lennie says:

    The gov’t has changed the way unemployment is calculated over the years so it looks better than it really is. The real unemployment rate is over 16%, if not higher.

  2. Thanks Lennie for your feedback! I got the statistics from the DOL website and I will look into what you were saying about how they changed how to calculate it.

    – Gabrielle Drew

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