Drew: Libya

“Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none.”  This is what Thomas Jefferson said in his 1801 inaugural speech as he took office. 210 years later, things couldn’t be more different. I could cite several instances where past US politicians did quite the opposite of what Thomas Jefferson advised. One issue that comes to mind when dealing with foreign relations is the current strife in, the Middle Eastern country, Libya.

Libya’s form of government is a one party, Socialist republic, the complete opposite of our government. Their dictator is Moammar Gadhafi. He assumed office on March 2nd 1979. After all of these years, the people of Libya are finally getting tired of his tight regime. What started as a small group of protestors, turned out to be a big civil war between Gadhafi’s army and the protestors, which have been dubbed as the “Libyan Rebels”.

Currently, the United States has given $25 million in aid to the Libyan Rebels. I find a huge fault with this. Libya was never our strongest supporter and ally to begin with. This nation is still in debt and we can’t afford to give this much to a people that we don’t know what their mission is exactly. We know that they want to overthrow Gadhafi and have a new leader, but are they really our allies? If they were perfectly content with Moammar Gadhafi’s reign would the rebels be trying to blow up the USA or Israel? That is not the type of people I want my country to give millions in aid to. The US should be involved in this as little as possible. This is between the Rebels and Gadhafi. We have no place in this.

Once Gadhafi is completely out of power, what happens next? We saw how the protests in Egypt went. Currently Egypt is a republic, but is under military rule but the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda is eyeing Egypt and they are just waiting for the perfect opportunity to govern a nation.Libya is no exception. The riots inLibya were very poorly executed. It was complete chaos and there was no order. Nobody thought about the effects afterwards, such as who would take over the Libyan government. This is very dangerous. Most are not opting for democracy, they want a theocracy. The whole situation is very testy and difficult and it puts America in a bad position. If the Muslim Brotherhood controlled Libya, Libyan and US relations would be very bad and the Muslim Brotherhood is a dangerous organization and for them to seize power in Libya would be bad forAmerica and our ally, Israel.


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