McAulay: Governor Palin’s Announcement: “Don’t Retreat, Reload”

On Tuesday October 5th all Palin’s supporter’s hearts were a little broken. We all had our hopes set high, and prepared ourselves for the best, but when we heard Governor Palin’s Statement, read by Mark Levin, our hearts sank. Many of us expected a, “Gotcha” to come afterwards, but we were then met with reality. Governor Palin was and is not going to run for President in 2012.

Within minutes my Newsfeed was full of articles announcing the news, but I myself was, as a friend put it, “numb”. I slowly scrolled down my Twitter feed, and saw hateful rhetoric from people who just minutes before were Palin supporters, (or so-called). I couldn’t help but wonder how someone could flip their switch so quickly. I, myself, wasn’t angry.  Actually, I was the opposite. I was met with an understanding heart.

Part of me was a bit disappointed that the “Mama Grizzly” wasn’t going to run, but I was more overwhelmed with Respect. The fact that Governor Palin refused to cave-in under pressure, and that she was willing to take the heartache, and put her family first, shows very clearly she has her priorities in order.

If people would put themselves in Governor Palin’s shoes, and look through the eyes her family, there is no way they can truly be angry. Everyone grew to love the Palin’s in 2008, but we also remember the disgusting things that were not only thrown at her, but also at her children. I do not blame any of them for not wanting to go through that again, at least at this time.

One thing is for certain, Governor Palin is not going anywhere. She will have a huge impact on the upcoming elections, and she will continue to be a voice for Conservatives. I trust the Governor, and her decision, and I know that God has a perfect and divine plan that will be even greater than anyone can imagine.

Governor Palin has inspired so many, even a fifteen year old like myself, and she will continue to do so. When she said she will fight to restore America, she wasn’t joking. She understands the future is at stake, and she understands we all have a job to do.

Governor Palin is standing strong, and I am standing right next to her. It is time we put our differences aside, get off the couch, put our “big-boy pants” on, and work hard for the future of America. The fight has not been won, therefore we will do what American’s do best, fight until we win! 2012 is quickly approaching, and we all must have one goal on our mind, “Defeat President Obama!” (And of course, we can all have a little hope for 2016! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!)

In the words of Governor Palin’s Father, “Don’t Retreat, just Reload!”


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