McAulay: Who Supports My Future?

Ever since October 5th,I have been haunted with the decision of who to support in 2012. I have had to reevaluate the qualifications necessary to take on the Presidency, along with vet each and every GOP candidate. Whenever I think I have chosen who to support I then take their records and put them next to Governor Sarah Palin’s, they can barely even stand.

I have examined each candidate’s record, along with researching their thoughts and opinions on the issues; I have pondered between their personalities, and spoken with many of their supporters. It is with a lump in my throat and a broken heart that I must settle for the Future of America, my future, but the choice must be made.

After spending much time on each of the candidates, I have narrowed my picks down to two, Governor Romney and Herman Cain. Both of them have their flaws, but I believe they are the most reliable choices. When I went through the candidates my criteria was simple. They must love America and believe in her greatness. They must show stability and have a record in the private sector. And they must have a heart for the Unborn. Most of the candidates fit these mandates, but after prayerful consideration I came to conclusion that Romney and Cain are the better candidates. I made a points system to compare the two.  

Romney has his flaws but at the end of the day he has a successful record in Massachusetts. I do not like his mandated Health Care plan (minus 7 points), but he has made it clear that he would abolish Obamacare. I appreciate Romney’s changed stance on abortion (plus 1 point). He is pro-life to his core. I also love that he stands for traditional marriage (plus 1 point) and that he stands against Jihadists (plus 1 point). I like the fact Romney has been a Governor (plus 1 point), and that he carries executive experience. Overall, I would give Romney 7 out of 10.

It is funny how Cain is a simple man, yet a complicated subject. For many he is the ideal choice, but for me I am just not sure. Part of me loves that he has never been a part of the political establishment, but on the other hand I wish he had more experience in Government (minus 5 points). The last thing I want is “on-site training” to be done for the office of Presidency. Putting that aside, he definitely carries executive experience regarding his working record in the private sector (plus 1 point). I also like the fact he is not afraid to admit he will need advisors in specific areas (plus 1 point). That in itself displays his solid character and his humble spirit. At the end of the day, Herman Cain is a top-notch businessman. I will rate him 7 out of 10.

I guess my dilemma is obvious. I give them both the same rating, yet I mark them down on opposite things. I am at a cross roads trying to decide who will do the best job shaping my future. It kills me not to know what the future holds, and to be hesitant and not excited about any of the candidates. I hope as I continue my research and watch the debates I will be inspired by one of these men. The bottom line is, they are both better in Obama, but I now must decide who can and will do the best job fighting for my future.

I hope to make a decision soon. Look out for my “endorsement” on Twitter and Facebook in the next few weeks. Please leave your feedback and opinions below.


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