Baxter: I will Not Cry Over October 5th

October 5th, 2011 was a sad day. A super-sad day. It was day that Sarah Palin decided not to run for president. It was definitely a I-must-not-throw-up-in-public kind of super-sad day, especially since I was helping host a student government function as first-year class president (at this current time, I blame my “Breaking News” app on my iPhone that alerted me to this travesty).

Oh, many have told me that it was for the best. Some reiterated that she was just a kingmaker, nothing more. Or some have told me she wouldn’t have made a good president anyways.

I believe she is more. She is more than what anyone would ever expect in a person and a politician. She has a record that no one can compare to and deny. Sarah is way more than a kingmaker. She has a vision. That vision for America that we could come together as a nation under God, and restore America to its greatness.

Notice that I’m not using past tense. Why? She’s not done with this country yet. I believe she is holding her cards close, making sure that no one sees what she’s up to. If you haven’t noticed, she’s always been that way. Making sure no one sees, then BAM! It’s a surprise to all. It may make her supporters antsy and the media rolling their eyes, but this is how Sarah works and we must work with her.

I am a firm believer in miracles. Sure, there might be a block in her way that prevents her to run, and we might pray for a miracle that the block may be removed. But her decision is her decision, and we must respect it as much as we humanly can. There is a group on Facebook called “Sarah Palin’s Earthquake” (a reference to her saying that it will take a 10.3 earthquake for her to run), and it is 5, 000 members and higher. I am not part of that group, because I believe that her decision is her decision and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I’m not going to cry over October 5th. What happened, happened. The Republican candidates however? Well, they are going to have to earn my vote. I won’t give it up easily or at all. There has be a candidate that is almost like Ronald Reagan or Sarah Palin, and so far I see none of that.

It’s time for me to move on. Not with Sarah Palin (I will always support her 110%), but with restoration of our country. Let’s start with the Senate and the House, shall we? As Mushu says to Mulan in Disney’s Mulan, “Let’s kick some honey-buns!”


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