Baxter: Occupy Wall Street

Dozens of news reports everyday shows tear gas in Oakland, police arrest protestors in Atlanta, and signage across the world. What on earth is the Occupy Wall Street movement about? Why are their protests making headline news?

First off, tear gas is never a good sign when protesting. It sure gives the protest a bad name. These protestors in Oakland, California were so out-of-control defying police, that the police had no choice but to arrest the protestors. Watching the news reports on CNN, it’s clear to me that these people have gone from protesting to rage, all in a matter of weeks. For those who think the Tea Party movement is violent, then those people haven’t seen the violence erupting in Oakland. The Tea Party isn’t even close to being this violent. We do have a couple of kooks in the movement, but thankfully these kooks aren’t nearly as violent as these Occupy Wall Street people.

In an article written by John Nolte of Big Journalism, there are a reported 167 incidents, including rape, arson, and throwing garbage at police. These are only updated everyday, and I’m sure there will be more. Isn’t that sad? The Tea Party never did anything like this. We didn’t pee on police cars, get an 11-year-old drunk, or have the dog chew on the American flag. These protests are completely and utterly out of control. There have been even reports of a woman gang-raped in Glasgow, England.

            For goodness’ sake, why?

I have a message for the Occupy Wall Street people: do you have any sense of decency? Yeah, Obama just compared the Occupy movement to the Tea Party, which is a total lie. We at least obeyed the police when they told us to move. But no, you people think it’s okay to pee on police cars. What is wrong with you? Can’t you protest in peace? I know we have the First Amendment, but you’re taking it way too far.

The only reason the Occupy movement is making headlines is because they are doing things out of control. If they are so anti-American and anti-capitalism, why don’t they move to Europe? We are an exceptional country. If you don’t like America and don’t like capitalism, there are places all over the world that don’t have that. Go there!

Occupy Wall Street is a waste of time and frankly, out of control. There is no reason to behave like you are doing. It’s time to act mature and protest in peace.


One comment on “Baxter: Occupy Wall Street

  1. Captain America says:

    why don’t tea party folk move to europe?

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