McAulay: Indoctrinated Youth

The youth of America have been President Obama’s number one supporters since 2008. Youth are easily blinded by Obama’s mesmerizing speeches, and his, “Hope and Change” which makes them an easy target for the Administration. Little do the blind youth know, Obama is the one leading us down the road to failure, and crushing our most prized possessions while he is at it, freedom and liberty. If we continue down the road we are on, our country will not sustain for the future. (Too bad the future is not worried about saving America.

It would be assumed that students would start to get the picture of Obama’s failed policy when they see unemployment sky-rocket, and when they are met with no job opportunities, after suffering four-long years in college. But instead of living in reality they see these misfortunes as the Republicans’ incompetence, and of course that it is all Bush’s Fault.

Where do they get these crazy ideas?

Schools play a huge role in the youth’s perspective. They are the ones who hold their attention for the majority of the day and teach them what they “need to know”. From age five, schools have the opportunity to seep their own personal agenda into the minds of the future of America. What used to be the public education system is now turning into the Progressive Indoctrination Center for the spineless.

Despite what many people assume, the school systems are not the only ones to blame in the game of brainwashing. Parents deserve heat also. They are the one’s not preparing their children, or raising them to be productive, American citizens.

When a kid is raised without a backbone, and is indoctrinated by the school system for twelve years (plus secondary school) it is no shocker that they are mesmerized by the Obama administration. From what they have been taught, the President is doing a fantastic job. He is pushing America towards Socialism, spreading the “mean, rich people’s” money, and is working hard to thrust America over the edge. How can it get any better?

Until the indoctrinated youth drink a big sip of common sense and take a bite out of reality we have no hope, and we will see no change. (For the better, that is.) 2012 is just around the corner, let’s cross our fingers and pray they will see the light before America turns into a complete disaster.





One comment on “McAulay: Indoctrinated Youth

  1. Deuce says:

    I would challenge the author to define for herself precisely how the indoctrination taking place in schools and the media (I acknowledge and agree that it exists) caters to the left exclusively and never favors the ideologies of her favored right. I’d also challenge her to take an honest look at the source of her founding assumptions (so obviously Fox News).

    What is Bush’s fault IS Bush’s fault. What is Bush’s fault is a bigger government, unprecedented intrusions into our privacy and our pants (TSA). What is Bush’s fault is two wars, ANTI-CAPITALIST bailouts to failed banks, secretive plans to form an American Union despite belligerent public stumping on border security, and expansion of dictatorial controls to the President. These are all VERIFIABLE FACTS. It is also a verifiable fact that Obama has simply expanded these powers. Equally as despicable to be sure, but in no way indicative of some stark contrast between the policies of the left and right.

    So when you are indoctrinated in school, church or on TV to support the troops, “say something” when you see something, accept American Exceptionalism, accept taxes, accept FED monetary policy, accept surveillance and accept socialist programs and agencies (the schools themselves for instance) you are being indoctrinated to a set of circumstances that has not changed one iota between an alleged neoconservative president and an alleged far left Socialist. Or for the last 100 years for that matter. I defy anyone to present a single verifiable fact disputing this.

    Team Sarah “urges youth to get involved in government”. How is that not indoctrination to a pro-growth-of-government agenda and the ongoing growth of government seen from both parties? And to what ‘conservative’ end will this abandonment of conservatism lead?

    I applaud this young girl for her early recognition of these indoctrination tools for what they are. But clearly she has not reached the point of full acceptance of all the facts. The shape this indoctrination molds us into is malleable and useful to both parties equally. And both parties take full advantage. Anyone who can’t see that has a long way to go yet. But for better or worse everyone will learn eventually…

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