Baxter: The Keystone XL Pipeline: What is it about?

Effective today, January 18, 2012, the Obama administration killed hundreds, perhaps thousands of jobs for the American people. What a sad state of affairs! We have a president who “campaigned” on job promotion but refuses to give the jobs to the people. Our economy currently is still in decline, and people need jobs more than ever. With this rejection, Obama essentially gave the job-hunters false hope.

The pipeline creates energy security for our nation when Middle-Eastern nations aren’t so willing to give us their oil. When we have our own oil from our own lands, we will be able to provide for ourselves and not rely on hostile nations. Also, the pipeline should have created many jobs! For our struggling economy, that’s a blessing. But Obama said no. Why?

For one thing, Nebraska is throughly against Keystone traveling through their state. According to this article from September 2011, Nebraska wanted to protect their aquifer from the heavy crude oil. While that is reasonable, there are strict measures in place for placing the pipeline, as seen in this Department of State Keystone XL environmental summary, so Nebraska shouldn’t worry.

Also, green environmentalists didn’t want the pipeline in the first place! They wanted more other forms of energy than oil. If we have so much oil, we should use it, as long as the standards are met with the Department of Energy (even though State seems to be handling the project).

Keystone is important to us Americans, for jobs and energy. Why did Obama kill it? Only to advance his agenda of course and to toe the party line. Go figure.


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