A Message From Team Sarah: Team Sarah wants to welcome the new youth wing of Team Sarah, Team Cubs, a youth movement that is run by youth and for youth who support Sarah Palin and the values she represents!

Team Cubs will be looking for active youth to promote conservative causes and values . A Team Sarah adult advisor will help the group and work with its leadership.

If you are a Team Sarah member and you want your young people to be connecting with positive youth who love this country, encourage them to become active members of Team Cubs!  The following is an invitation from contributor Madeleine McAulay:

Team Cubs, Team Sarah’s Youth Group, is a new Blog that was created by Youth, and is run by Youth. Our goal is to give the Future Generations a place to come and learn from fellow peers. We hope that this group inspires Youth to get involved and to learn more about politics in America. We believe it is so important for the Youth to be informed, because everything going on in Washington, DC, today, is directly affecting our future tomorrow.

We invite Youth to join our group @ http://teamsarah.ning.com/group/teamcubs . We hope that everyone will visit our new site: https://teamcubs.wordpress.com/ and follow us on Twitter @TeamCubs. 

Team Cubs, youth making a difference for tomorrow.


The Tiny Team Behind the Team

*Team Cubs is a product of Team Sarah. Therefore we share the same Terms of Use. Click Here to read our Code of Conduct.*


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  1. banshee says:

    Go cubs!

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