Team Cubs is blessed with a great group of Youth Contributors. If you are youth, and would like to become a contributor with Team Cubs, please Contact us at

Team Leader, Madeleine McAulay is a 16 year old from North Carolina. She is a proud contributor of Team Cubs. Check out her blog, follower her on Twitter, and friend her on Facebook.





Gabrielle Drew is sixteen years old and she lives in Tennessee. Gabrielle says, “I  becameinvolved in politics because whatever Congress, Senate and of course the President decides, to do, ultimately affects my future, rather it be in a good or bad way. So I like to stay informed on current affairs in DC.”



Emily Baxter is an entering college freshman, who enjoys her time reading classic books, writing the next journalist piece or writing her novel. She hopes to major in journalism. Emily is involved in several other Palin groups, such as Students 4 Palin and Pennsylvanians 4 Palin. Most people know her as “Emily” or “Jane Awesome” on Conservatives 4 For more details, see “Emily B’s Page :)” on Team Sarah.



Connor Lanser  first became active in the political process during the 2008 Presidential Election. He volunteered for Senator John McCain and Former Governor Sarah Palin. In 2009, Connor attended Youth in Government where he wrote and passed the the Homeless Veterans and Rehabilitation Act. He was selected to be the Head Page at next years State Assembly in Tallahassee, Florida. Connor has served on many successful campaigns, including the Pam Bondi for Attorney General and the Rick Scott for Governor Campaigns! Connor has been interviewed on many conservative radio shows and  has been featured in many online articles.


Anna Jarratt is a 16 year old from Illinois. She has been involved in politics since 2005 because of a local school board referendum. She has not been able to keep away from politics since. Anna loves music and hopes to become a professional horn player/teacher someday.




Beth Bowra is fifteen years old and lives in Florida. She first became involved in politics during the 2008 election when she campaigned for McCain/Palin. She has had an excitement for politics ever since and has created the blog, America’s Next Generation of Voters ( She hopes to encourage the youth to get involved and also to help elect strong leaders to power in Washington. She hopes to one day be involved in the government.




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